forrest_eilandForrest Eiland grew up in Austin, Texas. Austin provided Forrest with a unique childhood that allowed him to enjoy a vibrant city with an ever changing face of new college students and interesting perspectives. Forrest Eiland most enjoys the attitude of Austin to this day. From the lakes to the music to the influence of it being Texas’ state capital to the innovations in technology that are born there, Austin has so much to offer and Forrest is proud to be a native Austinite.

Forrest Eiland then went on to Texas Tech University in Lubbock where he got a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Management. His education at Texas Tech prepared him for his career and set him up with the tools and experiences of business owners and management techniques they used to accomplish their goals as a business. This helped Forrest understand their unique perspective and aided him on how to provide the best results in the business spectrum.

Forrest Eiland currently works for New Home Sale as a Community Consultant. In his position Forrest meets new people everyday and helps them with the various aspects of purchasing a home. Forrest and the potential homebuyer talk about the type of home, community, and builder they are looking for and he works with them to make sure New Home Sale is the right company for them. Forrest reviews the community, home design, home site locations, financing, and building process with the client and helps them find the right home for their families.

More specifically, Forrest works directly with clients who are looking for a home. He helps them understand the community and explains the nuances for each location so that a client can better understand each neighborhood. Forrest Eiland also helps them navigate the livability of each home design so that clients can understand how each home will fit their needs and family life style. The home sites are also an important part of the process and Forrest explains in more detail what each site has to offer. After a client expresses interest in a home Forrest explains the financing with the client and each set of the building process. Forrest Eiland holds the highest standard towards customer satisfaction throughout the entire process and has consistently met and exceeded New Home Sale goals in his two years with the company.